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When I returned from maternity leave, this question became very important also for me. Working a full-time job in the office (without a possibility to work from home) and spending time with my family became like a mission impossible. I was thinking - Do I really must choose between career & family? 

❗️No, work-life balance doesn't mean that you have to quit your full-time job. It means that you have a passion for your work & that you have chosen the right employer!

3 main factors can help to create a more balanced & happy life:

☑️ You have to be passionate about your work:
It's very simple - if you don't like your job, you will do it more slowly and you will lose more energy. As a result, you will feel tired & you won't have the energy for your self-care activities & family.

☑️ What is your personality type?
Your mindset makes a big difference in how you feel about your life. People who have more patience and tolerance can appreciate even small things. They don't complain & take small steps to complete the tasks.

☑️ Delegate tasks:
If you are a manager, TRUST your people & delegate tasks. Otherwise, you will feel always stressed & exhausted. This is one of the top skills that all leaders must-have today.

☑️ Draw your wheel of life to see on which area you must work on! balance exists, but it will depend on you ????✨

How about you, do you feel “work-life” balance or still searching for it?

Author: Dana Kocane